Høst was founded in 1971 by three young Norwegian rock enthusiasts in the small town of Knapstad, Norway. Its name "Høst" was derived from the Norwegian word for autumn/fall — of which was the current season at the time of the band's formation. The original members were guitarist/songwriter Svein Rønning, Johnny Myhre-bass, and Stig Berg-drums.

Høst is:
Geir Jahren -
Lead Vocals, Harmonica
John Hesla - Guitar, Flute, Vocals
Halvdan Nadrejord - Keyboards, Organ, Piano
Bernt Bodal - Bass
Willy Bendiksen - Drums
Lasse Nilsen - Guitar
Knut R. Lie - Drums, Vocals
Svein Rønning - Guitar, Clavinet, Organ, String Ensemble, Mini-Moog, Flute, Vocals, Keyboards
Fezza Ellingsen - Guitar, Flute